Sunday, March 4, 2012

Teaching Teachers

In July, 2011 I created and taught two classes of six hours each through the BOCES Model Schools program to help teachers use technology.

Blogging for Parent Communication and Student Writing
I taught the teachers how to set up and tweak a Blogger blog and use Kidblog for their students.  Each teacher left with a blog set up and ready to use to communicate with parents, for personal use and for student use.

Student Evaluations
"I was able to set up and start to make a functional blog which will let me continue for the year."

"How to set up a blog to use immediately.  We were able to create our own blog for the upcoming school year."

"Walking away with a product to use right away."

"How to design my blog so that it is ready to go in September!"

"Learning about blogging to use personally or professionally was very helpful. The different, many ways blogging can be used was very useful."

"Learning that blogs are just as useful and actually easier than websites was a new concept I find extremely helpful." 

Sample Student Product
One teacher's blog from this class:

The Internet: 
What's There, Will it Work, Keep it Organized
This class was all about using web 2.0 tools to find online resources, learning how to evaluate those resources for classroom use, and using cloud tools to keep them organized.  I recommended using Evernote, Dropbox and Zootool together to cover all the bases.

Student Evaluations
"Twitter can be used for finding wonderful educational resources. Zootool is a wonderful tool because I always find webpages and I never go back to explore them. Twurdy will be very useful to my students. It will help them find sites that are easier for them to read and understand."

"Love Evernote and the HUGE list of resources to use!"

"Becoming familiar with Internet resources such as Evernote, Zootool, Lingro, Twurdy, etc. is very beneficial to create a personal body of resources to assist Special Ed students with assignments."

"I am walking away with so many useful websites and methods to organize them."

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