Sunday, March 4, 2012

Technology in Second Grade Math

In my position as the Computer Lab TA at an elementary school I work with the teachers on ideas for using all kinds of technology with their curriculum.  Recently a second grade teacher told me that her students were having a hard time understanding the difference between area and perimeter.  I suggested we have them make a movie about the two concepts.  The students used a flip cam to record and they narrated and explained the concepts.  Here's their final product.

Here's some of the feedback I got:

"I just had a moment to watch those amazing You tube videos of math concepts.  I HOPE you sent those to parents.  They are creative, fun, and inspiring.  Thanks for extending yourself to enhance instruction using our technology.  Clea, this is the BEST way for our computer specialists to help our classroom teachers!"
Dr. Deborah Shea, Assistant Supt. of Educational Programs & Instruction, Niskayuna Central School District

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